Jodio and co’s true pursuer revealed as the group splits up

JoJoLands chapter 8 was officially released on Monday, September 18, 2023, continuing Jodio and the group’s heist operation on Rohan Kishibe. While the group managed to escape Rohan’s mansion and the surrounding area, they now have to deal with figuring out the mechanisms of the lava rock as well as not getting caught.

However, JoJoLands chapter 8 sees these tasks become difficult for the group, with things going awry as soon as they split up and start experimenting with the rock. The pursuers they previously thought to have escaped have shockingly reappeared, bringing another unfortunate revelation on their current situation.

JoJoLands chapter 8 reveals a mastermind behind the feline assault on Jodio’s team

JoJoLands chapter 8: Laying low

JoJoLands chapter 8 begins in a more commercial area than where the previous issue ended, showing Jodio Joestar speaking with some local swimmers. They ask him to join them in going swimming but rescind the offer when they realize he’s with a group of people. As Jodio waves goodbye to them, several police officers approach, one of whom reaches for their handcuffs.

However, this is a false alarm, with the officers instead walking to their nearby squad car. It’s then revealed that the team has two hours until their flight boards, deciding to go get something to eat to kill time. Usagi Alohaoe asks Dragona Joestar to loan him 20 dollars, but he ignores this request in favor of discussing the dent in the car and what they’ll have to do about it.

JoJoLands chapter 8 sees Usagi promise that there’s nothing to worry about with the car, further confirming that he’s broke until the job’s over. Dragona asks if he’s poor and what his family does for a living. Usagi responds that his dad worked in construction but died when hit by a bus and that his mom has lived off the insurance money since then. He once again asks Dragona to borrow 20 dollars, prompting Jodio to put the lava rock on top of the bill.

Dragona as seen in the series' manga (Image via Shueisha)
Dragona as seen in the series’ manga (Image via Shueisha)

Usagi then proposes that they conduct an experiment with the lava rock to see how it chooses what to draw in and what to ignore. Jodio suggests that it may have to do with the distance between the two items or that they even need to touch in the first place, or that the rock remembers the owner of the item. Usagi then draws a mark on the 20 dollar bill Dragona gave him before crumpling it up and flinging it away.

JoJoLands chapter 8 then sees the cash sit on the ground briefly before being picked up by someone walking by. The passerby then buys food with the bill, after which Dragona begins yelling at Usagi about getting her money back. Jodio suggests that the bill may not have had enough value as Paco Lovelantes returns with the group’s food and drinks.

However, a fly goes into the open drink he has in his hand, causing him to go back and demand a new drink and also getting a refund as a result. Jodio, Dragona, and Paco then notice that he has a 20 dollar bill in his hand, which is revealed to be the same marked bill Usagi threw away. Dragona then suggests testing it on one more thing, suggesting that they split up and have two of them go into a nearby luxury watch store.

JoJoLands chapter 8: Splitting up as the situation shakes up

Paco as seen in the series' manga (Image via Shueisha)
Paco as seen in the series’ manga (Image via Shueisha)

JoJoLands chapter 8 then sees the others dispute how unpredictable that could be, but he says that it’s a bad idea to get on the plane before figuring out what the rock is and how it works. Dragona emphasizes that they won’t actually be stealing anything and are instead attempting to find out what happens with the lava rock.

Jodio adds that there’ll be cameras all over the place, but Dragona responds that they won’t actually be stealing anything. Dragona then takes the lava rock and puts it in the back pocket of his chest accessory, choosing Usagi to go with him. Dragona also puts the diamond inside his wallet in his bag, as the narrator once again says that “the JoJoLands” is “the story of one boy becoming filthy rich.”

JoJoLands chapter 8 then sees the group split up, with Usagi and Dragona heading into the store as Jodio and Paco wait outside. The latter suggests bringing the car around, but Jodio reminds him that they won’t be stealing anything. The two then begin eating while Dragona and Usagi begin looking at watches inside the store.

Dragona then tries to take out the lava rock, but he’s approached by the store’s manager before being able to do so. The manager does the typical customer service spiel to the two, prompting Usagi to hilariously ask if they have any digital “Polexes” around. The manager corrects him to mean Rolex before going into case sizings, which confuses Usagi and makes him even more nervous.

JoJoLands chapter 8 then sees Usagi try to go into the back room, prompting the manager to try and point him in the direction of the digital watch corner. Dragona then takes off his bracelet to try on a watch, allowing the manager to see the diamond in his pocket. The manager’s demeanor then instantly changes, offering to take the two to the back room to show them exclusive items.

He then sits them down on a couch and presents them with four watches, while offering various drinks. Dragona tries several watches on while asking questions on them, until the manager suddenly turns to speak to the security guards nearby. He then pulls out a remote and clicks a button, causing the doors to the back room to close and lock.

JoJoLands chapter 8 then sees the store manager implore them to return the watch they stole while he’s showing them respect and giving them the opportunity to do so. Usagi swears that he didn’t steal anything, with Dragona being equally confused as to what’s going on. It’s then revealed that one of the watches has gone missing, with Dragona going to check the pocket the lava rock is in as the scene changes.

Following this, JoJoLands chapter 8 sees Jodio and Paco sitting down to eat, with the former reaching into the bag to grab a burrito. However, he suddenly pulls his hand back out and begins looking around nervously. Jodio then asserts that this is a warning from someone who has been following them the entire time to take back the lava rock, asserting them to be the cats’ owner.

Paco then reaches into the food bag, where it’s revealed that the three cats from earlier are somehow inside. The chapter ends with Jodio and Paco preparing to fight, also announcing that the series will be on break in the next issue of Ultra Jump. This means that the next chapter for the series will debut on Friday, November 17, 2023.

JoJoLands chapter 8: In summation

With the release of JoJoLands chapter 8, it seems that fans will get their second full-fledged Stand battle in the series following the skirmish against Rohan’s Heaven’s Door. Fans are also speculating on whether or not the character pursuing Jodio’s group could also be a reference to an earlier part in the series.

However, the true concern stems from Dragona and Usagi’s current situation, where the two have seemingly lost control of their lava rock experiment as Jodio predicted. While there is still time for them to right the wrongs that the lava rock has seemingly committed, the store manager is unlikely to give them endless time to do so.

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