Former NFL Star Makes Top-10 Claim For Rookie QB

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Throughout most of the NFL Draft process, C.J. Stroud was locked in as the No. 2 pick.

Some had him going No. 1 overall because of all the concerns regarding Bryce Young’s size, while others thought he’d slip for his reportedly low score on the S2 test, but there were no surprises in the end, and he landed in Houston as projected.

Four weeks of the regular season have gone by, and the Ohio State product has proved why several scouts were so high on him as a can’t-miss kind of talent.

And while he didn’t have the same upside as, say, Anthony Richardson, he’s already established himself as a top-10 quarterback this season, at least, according to former NFL star Robert Griffin III.

Per RGIII, Stroud’s numbers back his case as a top-10 QB in today’s game, and it’s not just the eye test.

As of now, the rookie quarterback averages over 300 passing yards per game, joining Patrick Mahomes as the only quarterback with those career averages.

The sample size is quite small, but Stroud has already led the Houston Texans to the first two wins of the DeMeco Ryans era, and he was quite impressive even in the losses.

The fact that he’s done that despite having a subpar offensive line and not that much offensive talent at his disposal makes it all the more impressive.

It’s still early and a lot of things could happen, but Stroud is looking like the next big name in the National Football League right now.

NFL Star Makes Big Projection For C.J. Stroud

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