Victor Wembanyama Reveals His Plans For 2024 Olympics

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The San Antonio Spurs have the most unique and talked-about prospect in NBA history, or at least since LeBron James.

Victor Wembanyama has the potential to be the greatest — or one of the greatest — players to ever live, but they need to be extremely cautious with him.

That’s why he decided not to partake in this year’s FIBA Basketball World Cup, so he could heal, restore his body, and work out ahead of his first NBA season.

However, that won’t be the case next summer, as BasketNews confirmed that he’s going to suit up and play in the Olympics (via NBACentral).

Wembanyama played a lot of basketball this year, even making it to the French league finals, so it only made sense for him to take a breather and prepare for what’s to come.

While not an injury-prone player, there have always been some significant concerns about his body and how it could hold up or whether he’ll be able to withstand the physical burden of a full NBA season.

He didn’t take the traditional route and sit out the season despite having the No. 1 overall pick locked up for almost a year, and that speaks volumes of his work ethic, desire to be better, and feel for the game.

The French side could’ve definitely used a player like him in this year’s disappointing World Cup.

But beware, rest of the world, as the one-and-only true unicorn will be joining Les Bleus, and he’ll look to make a statement.

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