Tennis Canada appoints Gavin Ziv as incoming CEO

Tennis Canada will be promoting Gavin Ziv to CEO in December, succeeding the retiring Michael Downey, the organization announced Tuesday.

Ziv has been with Tennis Canada for more than 25 years, most recently serving as chief tournaments officer, which included overseeing the National Bank Open in Montreal and Toronto. Since 2017, Ziv has been a member of the ATP Media Board and was on the WTA Board from 2018-23, making him the first Tennis Canada executive to serve concurrently on both.

“Tennis Canada was blessed with exceptional candidates during this process, we are delighted Gavin rose to the occasion,” Tennis Canada chair Peter Kruyt said in a statement. “Gavin lives and breathes the Tennis Canada mission on a daily basis, he is highly respected in the industry and has already contributed to many chapters of growth across all aspects of our game.”

Downey has served as CEO of Tennis Canada for 15 years. It was previously announced he would retire in December.

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