Colin Cowherd Shares His Thoughts On Rising QB

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The Houston Texans may have found their franchise quarterback.

Despite the issues they are facing, rookie play-caller C.J. Stroud has led them to two victories.

What’s more impressive is that those wins came against a playoff team like the Jacksonville Jaguars and a terrific Pittsburgh Steelers defense.

But as great as Stroud is now, Colin Cowherd would like football fans to pump the breaks in hailing him as the next big thing.

“They put a lot on his plate, and he is answering the bell. It’s very promising, but I fell in love with Drew Lock for about four games, then I saw him dance in the sidelines, I sold my stock,” Cowherd said in a recent episode of The Herd.

Cowherd did point out that Stroud is only the sixth quarterback in NFL history to have zero interceptions and average 300 passing yards per game in their first four starts.

In exact numbers, he has 94 completions for 1,212 yards and six touchdowns.

He’s doing this even when the Texans’ offensive line isn’t fully healthy, and the team is asking him to throw more because of sub-par run game support.

However, Cowherd airs on caution’s side because other teams will see his tendencies as they gather more game tape.

Likewise, he would like to see how Stroud will fare during bad weather games, especially snowy conditions.

Finally, it would be interesting for Cowherd to see how Stroud reacts when he actually throws an interception.

Other than those concerns, the Texans are looking good in the Bryce Young – C.J. Stroud debate so far.

He’ll also have a favorable schedule in the next five weeks because the Texans will face the NFC South teams.

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