Chiefs-Jets Game Reached Super Bowl Heights

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)


One of the best games of Week 4 in the NFL was one that many thought probably wouldn’t be close due to the absence of superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs against Zach Wilson and the New York Jets turned out to be must-see TV for NFL fans, with the game coming down to the wire.

Of course, along with Wilson having arguably his best game as a professional and the Chiefs struggling against the Jets defense, it was Taylor Swift mania once again, as she was in the stands with some celebrity friends like Blake Lively to cheer on Travis Kelce.

As Kelce has seen over the past few weeks, dating Swift comes with the perks of some added national attention and an enormous bump in jersey sales and followers on social media.

Additionally, Swifties tend to tune into games where they know she’ll be seen frequently on the broadcast, even if it is only shots of her cheering on Kelce in a suite.

According to Ari Meirov, the Chiefs and Jets going head-to-head was comparable to last season’s Super Bowl.

At this point, the NFL needs to sign Swift to a contract to get her in the stands on a weekly basis to see her boyfriend playing on the gridiron because she’s singlehandedly turning these games into must-see events.

It’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues in the coming weeks if Swift continues to attend Chiefs games, with the next matchup being on the road against the Minnesota Vikings.

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