Analyst Goes Off On Ezekiel Elliott’s Performances For Patriots

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The New England Patriots needed some more help to get things going on offense.

They brought in former Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott to give them a helping hand, but he hasn’t been very efficient thus far.

That’s why radio personality Michael Fegler is far from satisfied with this signing, stating that he’s not good anymore and adding that 99 out of 100 times, old running backs won’t do a lot to help your team (via I Am James Stewart).

Elliott has totaled 12 carries for 42 yards, averaging just 3.5 yards per carry.

He was never supposed to take over Rhamondre Stevenson as the primary ballcarrier, but one would expect a bona fide running back like him to be a little more impactful.

Throughout the course of the year, Bill Belichick and the Patriots have made a living out of bringing veterans’ careers back to life, but that hasn’t been the case with Elliott thus far.

There’s a reason the Cowboys cut him loose as soon as his guaranteed money ran out, and they claimed they didn’t even want to insult him by making him a new offer.

Elliott struggled to get a new deal, and it seemed like he wasn’t going to play at all this season until the Patriots brought him to training camp.

The Pats are 0-2, and while a backup like Elliott shouldn’t be the one to take the blame for their struggles, he hasn’t done much to help their winning cause either, and his so-called revenge tour has yet to begin.

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