US Women Arrested For Tossing Baby Around ”Like A Toy” Outside Florida Bar

Ms Lafoe and Ms Newell are under 21 and were both intoxicated during the incident.(Representative pic)

Two women in the United States have been arrested for drunkenly tossing a baby back and forth ”like a toy” outside a bar in Daytona Beach. According to the New York Post, Brianna Lafoe, 19, and Sierrah Newell, 20, were arrested last week and charged with child abuse. Ms Lafoe is also facing an additional battery charge, as per an arrest affidavit. 

The incident took place on Thursday at Coyote Ugly Saloon on Seabreeze Boulevard in Daytona Beach. Police responded to reports of two women throwing a baby in the air, flipping him upside down and throwing him back and forth from about 4 feet apart, the outlet reported.

The incident was caught on video by a witness who claimed Ms Lafoe went to stop them from recording while grabbing the baby by his ankles. 

Police said that Ms Newell ”was on crutches” at the time of the incident and was allegedly threatening to hit bystanders. At one point in the footage, the cops allegedly also saw the 20-year-old aggressively swinging the baby and up and down. The police claimed that Ms Lafoe was also seen holding the baby upside down and shaking him over concrete. 

Further, the cops’ report noted that Ms Lafoe and Ms Newell are under 21 and were both intoxicated during the incident. 

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According to Fox News, police said the baby was taken to a local hospital with red marks on his back and X-ray photos indicated he possibly has a broken arm. The child has since been released from the hospital.

The relationship between the two women and the baby has not been revealed. Both women are being held without bond, the cops said. 

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